Experienced partner for E-Learning

For more than 10years, we have successfully advised educational institutions on the introduction of learning and campus platforms. With the choice of Adroit sessions as a learning platform, educational institutions rely on an established and proven system for educational institutions. The development of Adroit sessions system began to enable students in this situation to access their lectuures and teachers whever they are and finish their studies in time. In the meantime, our system is used by educational institutions all over Uganda.

For private and governmental educational institutions, the use of E-Learning is an advantage in terms of organizational, temporal and local flexibilisation for learners and teachers, the extended possibilities for collaborative work and self-study as well as the high practice reference and transfer. In addition, E-Learning meets the expectations of the modern learner by making use of digital media for education.

Advantages of learning from online.

  • E-learning saves time and money with online learning.
  • Learners accessing content anywhere anytime.
  • It leads to better retention
  • Its consistent
  • Scalable
  • It offers personalization


All Institutions qualify so long as they have students or learners plus their teachers.

Teachers help them to access information or learning material and at the same ttime teaches them  and and the questions a student may want to ask.

He can also give exercise within a lesson , give assignment at the end and even an exam at the end of the syllabus.

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